Club Rules

The club rules and regulations as printed below are effective from June 2014:

  1. Any member of the club or their parent/guardian found to be guilty of conduct not befitting the Club may be fined, suspended or expelled by decision of the management committee. The management committee will meet to consider any relevant matter and decide upon any action to be taken, with the individual being notified of any decision in writing.
  1. Where an additional charge is made on members in regard to training costs or referee’s fees, payment is required in advance of the relevant event. Any member in arrears of payment due will be reported to the management committee to consider appropriate action.
  1. Where a member receives a fine from an affiliated league or Kent County Football Association, the club will be required to pay the fine in the first instance. The Club will then recover costs from the relevant member within 14 days. Failure to pay within these timescales will result in the member being suspended until payment is made.
  1. All members who are registered to play for one of the Club’s teams must endeavour to attend all training sessions and matches. It is the decision of the relevant team manager as to who plays in matches. Where they may not be available they should inform the team managers as soon as possible to make them aware.
  2. The annual membership subscription is payable in all cases before the relevant season commences. Anyone who feels that they cannot make the payment in such a timescale should make contact with the management committee to discuss potential options.
  1. Official team kit and rain jackets should be worn by all players for all matches without exception. The wearing of any form of trousers is not permitted, except for goalkeepers at the discretion of team managers.
  1. No member can take part in training or matches unless they are wearing shin pads. Also football boots must be worn except at the team manager’s discretion.
  1. First aid may only be applied to any member by that team’s manager or a registered first aider.
  1. All kit remains the property of the Club at all times. Members and their parents/guardians will be liable for any damage to kit in their possession.
  1. These rules may be amended at any meeting of the management committee, unless this involves the Club’s constitution, which then must be dealt with at a General Meeting.