Fundraising is vitally important to the survival of a Grassroots Football Club. Without your sponsorship and fundraising we would have to raise subscription costs more than we do.

Each year we look at raising funds through sponsorship by local companies. By donating some money to the club, (helping the club purchase the equipment we need) we can offer advertising on our club kit, on our website, social media newsletter and at the grounds. It is advantageous for companies to show a community relationship, by being associated with a local club.

If you know of a company or individual who may be interested, or if you have any other fundraising ideas, please let us know

This Season we have established a Fund Raising Group, which principally consists of a series of Mums whose children play in teams within the Club, together with Myself (Neil Hadley) as Chairman  and includes the following as detailed below in alphabetical order:

  •  Becky Brett     Kerry Butler    Jodie Crane   Toni Griffiths    Lisa Turner   Rebecca Riggs-Sutton    Clare Whitehead

Our team of volunteer  parents and chairman have seen the club involved in various fundraising activities previously, however with the additional people now on board the Fund Raising Group meet on a regular basis, often over a glass of wine or soft drink to discuss new ideas and ways of increasing fundraising within the club.

We are confident that this is another step in the right direction, however this can only be achieved with the support and commitment of parents etc by regularly attending the various Fund Raising Events that are organised. Forthcoming Events are detailed below:

Anyone wishing to get involved with the Club Fundraising or whether you have any ideas which you think will be of interest please contact us as follows:

email: or