AGM Votes Chair & Secretary In


The club’s AGM took place today, 21st May, at Coxheath Village Hall.

Both Neil, the chairman, and Martin the secretary were voted back in with great speed. Clearly a vote of confidence for our committee.

It was sad to hear that Ed, the treasurer, would be stepping down this season. He has kept the books in order for some years now and the club’s financial situation is much stronger for it. I am sure you will join the committee in thanking Ed for all the hard work he has put in over the past few years. This does now mean there is a vacancy to fill. There were no takers at the AGM so if you fancy this role, please speak to Neil or Martin. Have a read of the role requirement for further details.

On the issue of money, Neil proposed that subscriptions remain the same this season. This was voted in and so are fixed at the £75, with discounted rate for siblings.

The chairman gave his report, followed by the secretary who explained the club’s intention for a Five Year Strategic Plan and I will bring you further details as they are released.

A small working group was formed to deal with the issue of pitches, suggested by under 11s coach Andy. They will have a look at the pitches in use, what improvements need to be made and also approaching the Parish Council for negotiations.

The club’s new constitution was vote in. This was needed to comply with the Charter Standard status awarded to the club in March.

Various other discussions took place around pitches and teams for next season. All in all, a well attended meeting. Thank you to those who came along to support the club.