Club Gains Charter Standard

Coxheath and Farleigh Junior Football Club Committee are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Charter Standard status by the Football Association.

This Charter Standard status brings with it many benefits for all members and evidences the progress we have all made in professionalising the club, whilst retaining the community atmosphere.

We look forward to taking the club further forward still and ensuring our players, young and old, continue to love grassroots football.

From a Club Prospective this is a significant development and is the result of several months work and effort by the Committee and further details will be available by The Club Website at together with our Facebook Page – Coxheath & Farleigh Junior Football Club as well as Twitter.

As Chairman of the Club I am delighted with this news and will endeavour to share more information with you in due course regarding its benefits, and the Committee will be formulating an announce to be published in The Kent Messenger at the earliest opportunity.

You will also see some changes to our branding as we can now proudly display the attached logos.


Neil Hadley
Coxheath & Farleigh Junior Football Club
A Charter Standard Development Club