Job: Academy Manager

Alex Taghdissian

  • I am delighted to be associated with Coxheath & Farleigh Academy, having joined the staff this season.
  • I started coaching when I was 21 years old in the Coxheath on a Saturday morning.
  • I am level 2 football coach
  • Level 1 in coaching disabled football players
  • Level 1 in coaching futsal
  • Level 1 Fa youth module this focused on being more of a role model as a coach, for example all players will come to football class and before touching the ball we must great each other and make sure everything is ok. (politeness)
  • In 2008 my coaching qualifications enabled me to travel and coach in America for a year in Philadelphia  with United Soccer Academy.
  • My coaching philosophy is to ensure all players firstly enjoy the coaching playing with  a smile on their faces and get as many touches of the ball as possible, and players are encouraged to try new things and express themselves, things are never totally wrong they just need guidance.
  • I am a massive fan of flair players the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, and players of older generations like Gascoigne, Maradonna, these players I believe are the best ever for a reason they use football to express themselves they are not afraid of the ball.
  • I recently have started my own coaching company Little Green Soccer with this thinking in mind, starting coaching players from 18 months using fun games to teach the fundamentals and working on motor and listening skills with fun games through to adult more technical coaching.
  • I also coach for Arsenal Soccer schools  and am the South East development under 10s coach and manager. This summer I spent 7 weeks in Italy working with Arsenal Italia at their summer camps coaching football as well as teaching English.
  • My vision for Coxheath Academy is to ensure that players are taught to love football, to express themselves, to be confident on the ball, players to ask questions and be confident, work as a team.  I want the players to not be afraid to make mistakes but to learn from them if they do by encouraging and positive reinforcement, so as they progress into the Coxheath and Farleigh teams we will have good confident footballers all with basic understanding of football techniques.