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Chairmans Announcement

Chairman’s Message Dear Player and Parents/Guardians and Friends Welcome to our New website and in the first instance I would like to express my extreme gratitude to Chris Hadley of Mach-Computers for the hard work and effort today in preparing the new website which will go from strength to strength. Anyone who has computer issue please feel free to contact Chris at:  www.machcomputers.co.uk On behalf of the Committee of Coxheath & Farleigh Junior Football Club I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our new players, their parents and families’ managers and coaches to the Club, and not forgetting all existing players, parents etc. Founded in 1973/74 season, last year we celebrated our 40th Anniversary.   As Chairman I am extremely proud, passionate and very excited about leading the Club into the forthcoming 2015-16 season on the pitch as well as the new initiatives we hope to introduce throughout the Club off it. As a Club we should always be looking to constantly strive to improve and to have a philosophy based around the pursuit of excellence both on the field of play as well as off it. To this end I hope during my time as Chairman that the already high standards this Club has off the pitch can be raised still further and for the Club to raise its standards to become much more successful on the pitch also Coxheath & Farleigh JFC would not be where it is today without all the hardwork of the committee, and the previous  Chairman, Mr Chris Endersby, we all owe Chris our extreme gratitude for his dedication and efforts over the years, in all weather conditions that has helped the club establish a solid footing. I first got to know Chris, when my own son joined the club age 7 (now 19), and he was immediately made welcome by Chris, with his personality and desire for the game and club, and to encourage boys to play football and for this I will always be extremely grateful. The Club continues to thrive, providing football coaching and playing opportunities to a large number boys and hopefully some girls from Coxheath & the surrounding areas. This season we will be multiple amateur football teams at under 8, 9, 10 , 11’s  and 12 age groups in the Maidstone Invicta Primary League, All these teams will play, where permitted by The Kent FA, in the respective League, Cup and County Cup competitions. Once again will be running the very successful Academy (6 and 8 year olds), on Saturday morning’s, it is the grass roots level, where the budding, David Beckham’s, or Rachel Yankey (England Ladies), for the females, first develop their interest in football, and where we as a club need to be working hard, in order to ensure the continued success and development of the club. Therefore I would personally like to say “thank you” to the hard working volunteers, who on a Saturday morning give up there valuable time to develop the Academy. Over the years the club has had a good disciplinary record, with the occasional booking or sending off at Under 18 level and we wish to maintain this high standard, particularly as we are now looking to fulfil the requirements to achieve and be recognised as a Charter Standard Club, so please take the time to read and familiarise yourselves with the code of conduct. Should you require a copy of this please ask your respective team managers or contact me direct. In order to achieve this status, we are required to fulfil various posts within the club and therefore anyone who would like to become more involved, please do not hesitate to contact me direct or one of our committee members, contact details are available on our club website, where you find contact details for Committee Member’s, Club Managers, & Club Welfare Officer (Kerry Butler), together with information about the teams . Please do not hesitate to contact any of them if you have a problem, or require further information, but please remember that they give up their own time to run the teams, and affairs of the club. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any community youth football club, Coxheath & Farleigh JFC is no exception and welcomes any interest from adults who feel able to assist in the running of the club, be it in a coaching capacity with one of the teams, or administrative capacity, helping with things such as press advertising, sponsorship deals, fund-raising, schools liaison or other administrative functions of the club. The Club can provide/arrange training courses in football coaching, first aid & treatment of injuries, child protection, club administration etc, through the Kent County Football Association. Therefore if you, or know of anyone who might wish to become involved, remember they do not necessary have to have a child at the club and wish to become more involved with Coxheath & Farleigh JFC, please contact any of the executive Committee. The continued growth of a football club cannot be achieved without the hard work and dedication of a number of people from within the Club and as such I would like to take the opportunity of thanking them all. I would also like to thank all our various external club sponsors who without their continued support we would not have been able to grow the club as we have in recent years or indeed into the future. Can I also add my personal thanks to all the managers and coaches, who contribute a huge amount of their own time to run their respective teams. Their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm enable’s your son or daughter to play football in a safe and positive environment. I would urge you all to give them together with the other teams we play, after all it takes two teams to make a game, your total support as without them, we wouldn’t have the teams or the Club we have today! And finally….. May I wish you all a very enjoyable and successful season. Thank you for supporting Coxheath & Farleigh JFC but more importantly thank you for supporting your child. As football continues to develop through various FIFA and FA initiatives it will be the youth of today, that will be required to adapt to the various changes planned. It will be their love of the sport and your support of them that will determine just how successful these changes will be, but whatever the future holds, C&FJFC will be constant throughout. Once again all the best for the coming season, and hopefully when my own Under 12’s team are not playing, I will be able to join you at your respective games to offer my own vocal support and encouragement.