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I would like to say that today’s performance was back up there with some of the best football we have played especially against a team who had previously beaten us on the opening day of the season ( Our only League Defeat I would add )
Today’s win just proves to reiterate to me again that inside each player, with the encouragement from the coaching staff and their self belief there confidence grows and they have the ability to push theirselves in the interest of the team
We have seen the team play consistently in recent week and today I took the decision to change the formation in reverting to our winning formula of last season and it was like we had never gone away and to be 4-0 up in the first 20 minutes was probably the best I have seen the team play since I took over.

There was a number of good individually performances today and I was delighted to see our Captain, Will Turner score a hat trick a reward for all his efforts this season , whilst Josh joined in with another 2 goals to take him to 20 in only 9 games, whilst Sasha also chipped in with his first goal for the team. It was also encouraging to see good wing play against 2 very good full backs from Ditton Minors, & to see David back to his best with a top draw save , tipping a rasping free kick round the post from the same player who only minutes earlier scored a superb free kick, which would have most goalkeepers.
The good first half performance dropped slightly in the 2nd half, as I rotated the substitutes, which is something we must learn from, and also improve on our fitness if we are going to challenge for the title as we need to be on the ball for the whole 70 minutes.

The commitment of the team today was there to be seen and whilst I will always encourage this I was a little surprised with the commitment in some of the tackles which I have not previously associated with the U13’s , and we need to keep this in check.

A massive well done to everyone today, I think you will agree that from what I witnessed there was quite a few excited parents and of course Team Manager when the goals went in and it was good to hear you cheering on the players in a positive way, and rightly clapping the team on the final whistle,

Finally I have an apology to make , as clearly both Thomas and Alfie got limited playing time today, and I hope this will change for Alfie once the results of his tests are available. As for Thomas this was a genuine error on my part as clearly I had set the stop watch incorrectly and at the time I made the last of the substitutes though we still had just over 10 minutes to play.

Next Week we are at home and I look forward to another positive result.

Man of The Match – David
Parents Man of The Match – Will Turner

Thank You

Neil Hadley

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